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An automatic unstructured grid generation system for. Cell indices and coordinate indices in a structured grid 23 figure 6. This bestselling volume, written by experienced simulation users, was designed to help demystify the whats and whys of designing, editing, and analyzing reservoir simulations. Figure 2 voronoi grid closeup on hydraulic fractures as a starting point, let us further assume that the gas pvt has constant viscosity and. Introduction webster defines simulate as to assume the appearance of without reality. Advanced discretization methods for flow simulation using.

The typical way of gridding in reservoir simulation is using structured grid due to. A musthave handbook for anyone involved in reservoir simulation, reservoir simulation will help the reader decide when and how to use simulation for forecasting. Natural fractured reservoir engineering phdg textbooks in preparation, intended to be issued during 2015. An elementbased finite volume formulation for reservoir. Although the use of unstructured grids for fluid flow simulation in complex geometries is currently a customary practice in several engineering areas, still little effort has been made in the reservoir simulation area for taking advantage of all the potential of unstructured grids. Highquality grids guarantee the fidelity of a reservoir model and keep the flow calculations simple. Nevertheless, the use of pebi grids is not very general when full anisotropic reservoirs are modeled.

Reservoir evaluation can be broken into two main categories. An introduction to reservoir simulation using matlab sintef. For reservoir simulation using the blackoil model on unstructured grids, only the fully implicit solution method has been used for solving the governing equations of this model. A schematic diagram of this process is shown in figure 1. Jacquotte a variational method for the optimization of two and threedimensional unstructured meshes. Rozon 1989 used the cvfem control volume finite element method, developed originally by. Using unstructured grids for modeling complex discrete fracture. The first application of unstructured grids in the petroleum reservoir area.

In fact, the socalled third generation simulators are based on perpendicular bisection pebi unstructured grids. Application of fluxcorrected transport to an unstructured grid finitevolume formulation for reservoir simulation fernando s. Unstructured reservoir simulation grid the detailed geological grid created on the basis of the uvt transform mallet et al. Discretization and gridding in reservoir simulation 2. The polymer modeling capability includes a number of specialized capabilities. The complexity results either from reservoir characterization e. Also shown is a way to visualize this data with mayavi2.

The use of structured grids in reservoir simulation is very. Upscaled unstructured computational grids for efficient. Tough2csm is fully implicit, threedimensional, utilizes an unstructured grid, and is parallelized. The topics of mesh generation and adaptation, spatial discretization, and solution techniques for steady flows are covered. Abstract an automatic, threedimensional, locally unstructured, hybrid grid generation system is presented for sloping faults horizontal wells and fractures. The tidal flow of tokyo bay is simulated for a numerical example. Pdf unstructured gridding and consistent discretizations for. The fully implicit solution method has been successfully applied to reservoir simulation with unstructured grids. Reservoir simulation is an area of reservoir engineering in which computer models are used to predict the flow of fluids typically, oil, water, and gas through porous media. Tough2egs is a reservoir simulator, developed at the colorado school of mines for modeling enhanced geothermal systems egs and funded by doe and foundation energi simulation formerly foundation cmg.

The unstructured voronoi numerical model is common to saphir, topaze and rubis, only the local grid refinement around the wells will be different. Rupperts algorithm is often used to convert an irregularly shaped polygon into an unstructured grid of triangles. Matlab reservoir simulation toolbox mrst, which has been. The grid lines are curved to fit the shape of the boundaries unstructured grids. The grid forms automatically and with the minimum number of cells for faster simulations. Unstructured 3d gridding and upscaling for coarse modeling. Crosssection view of a fault in a corner point grid 24. Grid generation is critical to numerical reservoir simulations. A popular unstructured grid is the perpendicular bisector pebi grid.

Given the impermeable lithological boundary problem of the sulige gas field in china, this study validates the dynamic characteristics of this reservoir through a radial model of the vertical well and proposes an unstructured grid refinement technology using a perpendicular bisector, while considering the horizontal well fracturing model. Structured versus unstructured pebi grids in reservoir modeling and simulation bogdan balan, schlumberger gss abstract application of unstructured irregular grids in reservoir simulation is one of the most important concepts that have been developed in the past decade 1. Corner point grids and pillar based unstructured grids do not provide an effective workflow for translating earth models into simulation models. Although simple to use, conventional cartesian grids, commonly employed in petroleum reservoir simulation, cannot produce accurate modeling of most of the aforementioned geometric features.

Structured grid generation forms an integral part of the solution of these procedures. In combination, these techniques provide a prototype workflow for the construction of unstructured simulation models. Sagd in a naturally fractured reservoir with a discrete fracture network modeled through a series of unstructured local grid refinements to capture flow through fractures. Under the model in the broad scientific sense of the word, they understand a real or mentally created structure that reproduces or reflects the object being studied. Significant work has been done for generating unstructured grids. The chapter presents a wide variety of examples to illustrate and explain different grid formats, from simple structured. So the grid division adopts the tetrahedral grid form of the unstructured grid. A coupled hydrological and hydrodynamic model for flood. Unstructured grids the choice of whether to use a structured or an unstructured mesh is very problem specific as well as companylab specific. Physicallybased method for realtime modelling of ship. Unstructured gridding has become an important subject. The use unstructured meshes in reservoir simulation date from the 1980 decade. A computer implemented system and method for parallel adaptive data partitioning on a reservoir simulation using an unstructured grid includes a method of simulating a reservoir model which includes generating the reservoir model.

Though this concept was introduced to the petroleum industry as. Transmissibility corrections and grid control for shale gas numerical simulation p 323 figure 1 voronoi grid for the reservoir described in table 1. Alternatively, a full 3d unstructured grid may be defined. The speedup in the computations with the new upscaled unstructured grid is about three orders of magnitude over that for the initial gm. The development of a generalpurpose reservoir simulation framework for coupled systems of unstructured reservoir models and advanced wells is the subject of this dissertation. Automatic grid setting may be modified for specific studies such as coning. This paper describes the development of a comprehensive polymer flood modeling capability within a reservoir simulator that uses an unstructured grid framework. Three of the four cells sharing a coord line, and some corner points 24 figure 7. Structured versus unstructured pebi grids in reservoir. The software has a large international user base and also includes thirdparty modules developed by researchers from heriotwatt university, ntnu, university of bergen, tno, and tu delft. It cannot be outputted directly to a reservoir simulator. Geoquest, schlumberger eclipse 200 reference manual multisegment wells. In the model problem, the dependent variable of most physical interest is the concentration c x.

Previously, an unstructured grid reservoir simulation workflow is introduced ding et al. An unstructured grid version of modflow for simulating groundwater flow mcdonald, m. Compressible viscous flow simulation using immersed boundary technique numerical simulation of solidification and melting problems on unsaturated grid computational investigation of nonequilibrium. Use next generation simulators that honors geology with unstructured grids. Unstructured grid example a mayavi example of how to generate an unstructured grid dataset using numpy arrays.

Pebigrids used for reservoir simulations are discussed by verma and. In this study, we propose a 3d unstructured grid, the generalized prism grid gpg, to model reservoirs with complicated geological geometries, including horizons, pinchouts, faults, fractures, and bore holes. In addition to triangles and tetrahedra, other commonly used elements in finite element simulation include quadrilateral 4noded and hexahedral 8noded elements in 2d and 3d, respectively. This work presents the implementation of an ebfvm formulation using unstructured grids for tridimensional compositional reservoir simulation in conjunction with an impec approach. Twa article numerical simulation of complex reservoir. High resolution geostatistics on coarse unstructured flow. Automated workflow for unstructured grid reservoir simulation. Local grid refinement lgr is applied in reservoir simulation routinely for structured and unstructured grids and implemented in commercial simulators. Mavriplis institute for computer applications in science and engineering nasa langley research center, hampton, va 23681 key words. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. Geometry modeling grid generation stanford university. It is used to add detail where justified by data availability and to keep a coarse resolution where less data are available. Abstractfinite volume methods fvm had been recognized as one of numerical has proven highly successful in solving problem of. New grids for robust reservoir modeling researchgate.

Fault modelling aspects using unstructured grid with a. A conceptual model was applied with two main components. A version of modflow, called modflowusg for unstructured grid, was developed to support a wide variety of structured and unstructured grid types, including nested grids and grids based on prismatic triangles, rectangles, hexagons, and other cell shapes. The scaledup fragments of the grids are shown on the right. The planar triangular grid is consists of n os 45 349 nodes and e os 89 896 elements. Simulation of petroleum reservoir performance refers to the construction and operation of a model whose behavior assumes the appearance of actual reservoir behavior. Unstructured grid cartesian grid reservoir simulation geostatistical method petrophysical property these keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. Mrst is a free opensource software for reservoir modelling and simulation, developed primarily by the computational geosciences group in the department of mathematics and cybernetics at sintef digital. Direct numerical simulation of turbulent channel flow by parallel computation. I am currently implementing a vof method a geometrical method for two phase flow simulation on eulerian mesh that is native to structured grid, on an unstructured grid, so here are my experiences so far please note that what im writing comes from working with a specific implementation. Simulation of petroleum reservoir performance refers to the construction and operation of a model whose behavior assumes the appearance of actual reservoir. According to literature 14, this unstructured tetrahedral grid can well reflect the flow field of the respiratory tracts. Ebfvm, chemical compositional model, unstructured grid, petroleum reservoir simulation.

Deutsch an outstanding issue in geostatistics research is the extension of modeling algorithms to unstructured grids, which are being used for reservoir flow analysis. White nasa langley research center, hampton, va 23681 the synthesis of physical models for gas chemistry and turbulence from the structured grid codes laura and vulcan into the unstructured grid code fun3d is described. The matlab reservoir simulation toolbox mrst sintef. Complex reservoir problems demand careful reservoir simulation studies. Abstract in the last decade, unstructured grids have been a very important step in the development of petroleum reservoir simulators. This gridding system replaces a portion of an existing finite difference grid around slopin. In basin modelling, lgr has not yet been implemented. The book updates the reservoir engineer of today with the latest developments in reservoir simulation by combining a powerhouse of theory, analytical, and numerical methods to create stronger verification and validation modeling methods, ultimately improving recovery in stagnant and complex reservoirs. Simulation of petroleum reservoir performance refers to the construction and operation of a model. Geological survey techniques of waterresources investigations, book 6, chap.

In this study, we propose a 3d unstructured grid, the generalized. The sequential method for the blackoil reservoir simulation. The organic content often adsorbs some gas content, while the adsorbed amount for different gas species is different. Grid generation techniques structured grids ordered set of locally orthogonal lines several techniques can be used to map a computational domain into a physical domain. The detailed unstructured grid adaptation descriptions and recommendations are made here with a clear intent of contributing to the cfd 2030 vision study capabilities. Application of fluxcorrected transport to an unstructured. Techniques for modeling complex reservoirs and advanced. Knutandreas lie an introduction to reservoir simulation using matlab user guide for the matlab reservoir simulation. The matlab reservoir simulation toolbox, provides new methods and concepts on unstructured grids, can be applied to large and complex systems. Basics of reservoir simulation with the eclipse reservoir. Therefore, the upscaling process is essentially an averaging procedure in which the static and dynamic characteristics of a finescale model are to be approximated by that of a coarsescale model. Black oil applied simulation tool, it is a numerical simulator to estimate the pressure destitution for a certain time to calculate the saturation destitution.

Parallel computational fluid dynamics 1998 sciencedirect. This setup mimics a quarter fivespot well pattern, which is a standard test in reservoir simulation. Show application and benefits of these technologies. Mathematical model computer codes numerical model physical model figure 1. Introduction to reservoir simulation analytical and numerical. Unstructured grid generation george mason university. Introduction to reservoir simulation as practiced in industry. Simulation of waterflooding indicates that the agreement between the results obtained with the gm and the upscaled unstructured grid is excellent. Basic structured grid generation provides the necessary mathematical foundation required for the successful generation of boundaryconforming grids and will be an important.

An overview of the current state of the art in unstructured mesh techniques for computational fluid dynamics is given. Remaining difficulties in these areas are highlighted, and directions for future work are outlined. Reservoir simulation process reservoir simulation is briefly. This paper presents new results for applying the sequential solution method to the blackoil reservoir simulation with unstructured grids. Development of advanced reservoir simulation techniques for.

Still reservoir simulation is regularly used with great success, and remains one of the support pillars. Globally structured grids, including the socalled stratigraphic or cpg corner point. The workflow presented in this paper has similarities with. Simulation of gas transport in tightshale gas reservoirs by. The generation of accurate and reliable unstructured 3d models for reservoir simulation remains a challenge. Using unstructured grids for modeling complex discrete.

In mrst, a coarse grid always refers to a grid that is defined as a partition of another grid, which is referred to as the fine grid. The method employs unstructured grids using triangular andor quadrilateral elements, such that complex re. Unstructured gridding has become an important subject matter in reservoir simulation. Structured versus unstructured pebi grids in reservoir modeling and simulation bogdan balan, schlumberger gss abstract application of unstructuredirregular grids in reservoir simulation is one of the most important concepts that have been developed in the past decade 1. Application of the unstructured grids in the numerical. In particular, we believe that similar procedures are appropriate for immiscible as well as miscible displacement, and therefore for most problems of reservoir simulation. Modeling scalar variables on unstructured grids john g. In this work a numerical model for simulating petroleum reservoirs using the elementbased finite volume method ebfvm is presented. Modeling polymer flood in an unstructured grid simulator. Comparison between structured and unstructured grid. Comparison between structured and unstructured grid generation on two dimensional flows based on finite volume method fvm abobaker mohammed alakashi, and dr. Stanfords general purpose research simulator gprs serves as the base for the new framework. In this paper, new developments for grid generation, upscaling and streamline simulation for such models are described.

The generated reservoir model is partitioned into multiple sets of different domains, each one corresponding to an efficient partition for a specific portion of the. An automatic unstructured grid generation method for viscous. This technique is defined by the storage of all physical properties at the. I grid structure, grid factory routines, inputprocessing of industrystandard formats, reallife and synthetic example grids i petrophysical parameters and incompressible uid. Unstructured gridding and consistent discretizations for reservoirs with faults and complex wells. Transfinite interpolation, morphing, pde based, etc. An element based conservative scheme using unstructured grids. Mathematics and computers in simulation 83 2012 2343 original article an automatic unstructured grid generation method for viscous. Unstructured grid methods for the simulation of 3d transient flows final report for the period. Impacts of mature unstructured grid adaptation widespread use of improved unstructured grid adaptation techniques has the potential to make a consider. Upscaling of grid properties in reservoir simulation petrowiki. The structure of unstructured grids centre for computational. Complex, unstructured grids with many obscure challenges.

Us8437996b2 parallel adaptive data partitioning on a. Multiphase fluid flow in porous and fractured reservoirs. Comparison of 2,500day 400block grid results with 20block unstructured and locally. This book contains the papers presented at the parallel computational fluid dynamics 1998 conference. Geometry approaches, are widely used in the reservoir simulation. It requires a 3d unstructured grid approach that allow an accurate representation of the near well flow and preserving geological accuracy and offering flexible resolution control.

The sequential method for the blackoil reservoir simulation on unstructured grids q baoyan li, zhangxin chen, guanren huan department of mathematics, southern methodist university, box 750156, dallas, tx 752750156, usa. The matlab reservoir simulation toolbox mrst the toolbox has the following functionality for rapid prototyping of solvers for ow and transport. Flexibility in grid design can be used to focus resolution along rivers and around wells, for example, or to subdiscretize individual layers. An unstructured grid may be defined in two dimensions, and then applied to each layer of a reservoir model, so that a typical cell is a hexagonal prism. If a cornerpoint grid representation is used, oblique features must be converted into a series of stair step. Computational aerothermodynamic simulation issues on. Grid refinement proportions are still in progress in order to reduce the simulation time which is sensitive to the perforated cell size grid size is highly reduced 1 million cells versus 28 millions and global results in terms of production profiles between the structured and the unstructured simulation.

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