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If youre not flashing a polycom soundpoint 330, please go to the sections of polycoms website appropriate for. To locate the ip address of the polycom phone hit menu status network tcpip parameters, take note of the listed ip address. The ip telephones have feature buttons and feature soft keys. How to manually configure polycom phones via web interface. Installation the following instructions provide basic installation instructions. How to determine polycom ip address, firmware version, bootrom version on the polycom 320, 321, 330, 331, 335 print modified on.

We have 2 polycom soundpoint ip 330 manuals available for free pdf download. Support for the product will be available until 12312014. All major uc software releases intended for deployment in skype for business formerly lync are qualified by microsoft before being posted on this page. All of the phone models must run sip application 3. A tftp application that can host these files for your phone. The phonepassword can be set by logging into the admin setup manage modify pencil button the sip. Poly polycom soundpoint ip 300 voip phone overview and full product specs on cnet. Find answers to trying to get nat working on a polycom 330 phone using the 3cx phone software. I provised the phone using the 3cx template and im thinking it has to do with the template. The soundpoint ip 330 phone 220012330025, 220112330001, with its dualport 10100 ethernet switch for lan and pc connection, presents a costeffective solution for cubicle workers as well as call center operators who use a hard phone in conjunction with a soft client running on the pc. Once reset, i will show you how to upgrade the polycom software and. Latest maintenance release for soundpoint ip and soundstation ip phones for.

User guide for the soundpoint ip 330320 phone polycom. Factory resetting a phone will restore the device to its factory default state, erasing all personalized settings, speed dials, line keys, and configuration. Polycom soundpoint ip 330 voip phone series sign in to comment. Polycom factory reset and software upgrade youtube. Soundpoint ip 330320 console handset with handset cord base stand network lan cable quick start guide product registration card features features feature keys 3 contextsensitive soft keys 2 line keys with bicolor redgreen led 2 feature keys menu and dial. This is a publicly accessible server intended only for use of provisioning, upgrading, or downgrading the software of polycom ip phones with stock polycom software and configuration files. The soft keys are software driven and change depending. Sip configuration for polycom sound point 330 and 660.

The most common method to configure the phones to discover the phone settings stored on the purecloud edge is to enable dhcp on the phone. Polycom soundpoint ip 330, firmware not compatible poly. Thats where we come in, with solutions that avert open office perils. How to configure the polycom soundpoint ip330 youtube. Administrators guide for the polycom soundpoint ip. The software is protected by united states laws and international treaty. Lot of 5 dark gray aka black or charcoal 25 ft long handset cords for polycom soundpoint ip phone 321 330 331 335 430 450 500 501 550 560 601 650 670. Polycom uc software release matrix for soundpoint ip and soundstation ip phones. Both the softphone and polycom ip 330 is on the local network. Here is a summary on how to setup vlan id on the polycom using a dhcp boot option. The polycom firmware indicated here will be installed on the phone, to support switchvoxs phone setup process. Polycom uc software for soundpoint ip, soundstation ip, vvx 500, 1500.

The feature buttons are hardware buttons and do not change. Individual line indicators reflect voice messages left on that line. If your deciding on getting a cloud based phone system, then these 2 polycom phones are. It provides telephony features such as shared call appearance, call hold, call transfer, and do not disturb. Polycom uc software for soundpoint ip, soundstation ip, vvx business media, vvx business ip phones and soundstructure. The soundpoint ip 335 provides business telephony features and functions such as multiple call appearance, call hold, transfer, and conferencing over an ip network. The soundpoint ip 320 330 is being discontinued and will no longer be available for purchase after 12312009. Multiple stock directories exist with different versions of sip, uc, and bootrom software, and are named according to the sip or uc software version. The first two, we simply get off the polycom website. The following related documents for soundpoint ip soundstation ip vvx. Software release matrix for polycom soundstation ip, soundpoint ip and vvx obi edition phones. The ip address will be picked from the dhcp server on your network and will be displayed on the lcd open a web browser on your pc and type the soundstationss ip address in the address field make sure that your pc and soundstation are on the same network this will present you with the configuration web page for the ip330. Customers in skype for business deployments should only use software releases that have been qualified by microsoft or the maintenance releases built on a qualified release. Polycom soundpoint 320, 330 polycom soundpoint 321, 331, 335, 450.

Polycom ip 330 3cx software based voip ip pbx pabx. Good afternoon, i would like to know how to reset the polycom soundpoint ip 330 to factory defaults. This is a walk through on how to manually configure polycom phones through the web interface. Legacy phone support has been implemented to allow easy migration from an existing phone system to 3cx without the need to directly replace all existing ip phones. Open offices are often loud, chaotic, and full of distractions that keep your team from getting work done. Access voice mail received messages are indicated by a flashing message waiting indicator led on the phone and a visual notification on the display. Polycom soundpoint ip 330, firmware not compatible. Thanks for choosing the polycom soundpoint ip 335 phone. Release release notes vvx 101 vvx 150 vvx 201 vvx 250. How to determine polycom ip address, firmware version. How to update polycom device firmware intermedia knowledge. Therefore, you must treat the software like any other ed material e. Poly studio x family delivers radical simplicity to your meeting rooms. Polycom soundpoint firmware needs to be updated for use with 3cx.

For more information, see enable dhcp on the phone to discover the phone settings from the edge you can also manually configure three settings on the physical phone for the phone to retrieve its configuration settings from the edge. The latest polycom line of ip phones are the vvx series, sleek highend, high quality phones in affordable prices which are favorite choice among many asterisk ippbx based solutions. Polycom ip phones bootrom server errors 8x8 support. This guide covers the soundpoint ip 320, 321, 330, 331, 335, 430, 450, 550, 560, 650, and 670 desktop phones, the soundstation ip 6000 and 7000 conference phones, and the polycom vvx 1500 business media phone. User guide for the soundpoint ip 32x33x desktop phone viii.

Find answers to polycom ip330 and windows dhcp server options from the expert community at experts exchange. The major difference between the ip 330 and ip 550 feature operation is that the ip 330 has a dial button and the ip 550 has a send soft key to use when dialing numbers. View online or download polycom soundpoint ip 330 user manual. The phone was configured with a device profile, i tried to renew the device profile but it didnt work quite well. If youre not flashing a polycom soundpoint 330, please go to the sections of polycom s website appropriate for your model in particular. Each feature available with the professional seat will be described along with instructions on how to use the feature. Combined download should be used where phones may be running pre4. For more information on setting up this device and more. Polycom ip 330 user guide introduction the purpose of this document is to inform zayo managed services users on how use the polycom ip330 phone with their hosted pbx service.

The polycom vvx 201 is a twoline sip phone designed for small businesses and mediumsized organizations delivering hd voice technology and a wide range of business telephony features. Headsets for polycom ip320, 321, ip 330 and ip 331 for your polycom soundpoint ip 320, 321, 330, 331 phones, simply select any plantronics corded hseries headset click below along with the special 2. These procedures specifically concern the polycom soundpoint and soundstation ip series of phones. Soundpoint ip color attendant console soundpoint ip color. When i look in the server activity log i dont see the polycom trying to make an outbound call. The soundpoint ip 32x33x provides a powerful, yet flexible ip communications solution, delivering excellent voice quality. This article shows you how to upgrade the firmware on your polycom soundpoint ip phones. This feature requires that the soundstation ip 7000 is running bootrom 4. We are the global communications company that powers authentic human connection and collaboration. Obtain your phones administrator password reboot the phone from homemenu, select settings basic restart while the phone is booting up, press the setup soft key. Manually configure the provisioning information for the. Configure a polycom 320330 with tftp polycom 330331 basics factory reset polycom ip 331 factory reset and software upgrade how to do the upgrade step by step. Soundpoint ip 330 manuals manuals and user guides for polycom soundpoint ip 330. Set up polycom soundpoint 320, 330 for 3cx 3cx ip pbx.

The polycom soundpoint ip phones family leverages the capabilities of sipbased voip networks to deliver breakthrough voice quality and advanced features that. Polycom has a webpage and publicly accessible server for upgrading or downgrading the software of polycom ip phones with stock polycom. The soundpoint ip 320330 is being discontinued and will no longer be available. Polycom uc software support center polycom support. For instance, it has line 1 and line 2 has a light that appears when a line is accessed, however that light does not show on any other phone except the one you are usingits always nice to be aware if my staff is currently on a call outside my office never had a phone system that didnt show that. This only applies to devices which are already running at least version 4.

Vvx, entry, open sip, the polycom vvx 250 business ip desk phone is a high quality, fourline, ip phone that delivers reliable performance and an enterprise. Headset not included headset not included headset adapter not included user guide for the soundpoint ip 32x33x desktop phone 1 6 attaching the base. This process can be used on any of the polycom sip phones which support 4. For an office setting the polycom soundpoint ip 330 isnt up to the grade. How to configure the polycom soundpoint ip330 for the use of voip calling with service from ipcomms.

Configure polycom sound point 330 and 660 for anveo configuring the phone to register with anveo access the phone configuration and configure it as following. The polycom soundpoint ip phones family leverages the capabilities of sipbased voip networks to deliver breakthrough voice quality and advanced features that make. Feb 2009 ip301, ip320330, ip430, ip550, ip560, ip650, ip670, ip6000 legend. Ip320 330 ip3231 ip335 ip430 ip450 ip501 ip550 ip560 ip600 ip601 ip650 ip670 ip4000 ip5000 ip6000 ip7000 soundstation duo available from date released shipping configuration. Release, release notes, ip301, ip320330, ip3231, ip335, ip430, ip450, ip501, ip550, ip560, ip600, ip601, ip650, ip670, ip4000, ip5000, ip6000, ip7000. Reinstall the firmware on a soundpoint ip330 telzio. Polycom ip330 and windows dhcp server options solutions.

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